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Afterwards Post


Mixed Medium: Color Copies on Rag Paper,Roscoluxcolor filters, Metal Leaf, Pastel and Plexiglas

~5" x ~36"


The images are constructed in a number of layers.The background blue and green areas are color copies of photographs I have manipulated in Photoshop. The copies are attached onto rag matboard which is larger then the intended image. Slivers of warm colored filters and leafed mylar areglued into place. Directly against this collage is apiece of 1/8 clear acrylic the same size as the matboard. The acrylic is frosted on both sides in the area over the collage. In most of the series I have drawn on the outer surface with white pastel to accentuate lines and various areas. The source images have purposely been reduced to color fields.


The series was intended to be a peaceful offering, not a confrontation of powerful issues.


Afterwards Post b
Afterwards Post c
Afterwards Post d
Afterwards Post e
Afterwards Post f
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