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End Time Trinkets


Mixed Medium, Color Copies on Rag Paper,Metal Leaf and Plexi Glass

~7-1/2" x ~7"


These pieces were made with the same layering

technique as in Afterwards Post but the acrylic is

cut slightly smaller then the image and is held in place by pins. The edges of the acrylic are partially finished with metal leaf.The series is derived from a dream. The scenario took place in the Dune-like future. Scientists had detected a destructive force surging through the universe. The exact time of the demise of everything was known to all. The Emperor's son, greedy for the glories of power, killed his father to claim the title moments before the wave swallowed their kingdom, planet and galaxy.


End Time Trinkets a
End Time Trinkets b
End Time Trinkets c
End Time Trinkets d
End Time Trinkets e
End Time Trinkets f
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