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(Monday's) Retreat


Mixed Media on Paper

Paper Size 26" H x 20" W


These pieces are constructed in layers, “hanging” from
the paper. Strips of digital prints, metal leaf and paint on mylar and paper are mixed with photographic negatives. Many of the individual pieces have been sanded to pickup the corrugated pattern of cardboard. At the top of each composition is thin strip of wood from which a frosted piece of acetate hangs.
The “hanging” technique references the traditional
display of Kimonos from rods. The series title speaks
of the fortress erected around our core selves in order to respond to our responsibilities



(Mondays) Retreat, 9
(Mondays) Retreat, 2
(Mondays) Retreat, 10
(Mondays) Retreat, 1
(Mondays) Retreat, 8
(Mondays) Retreat, 6
(Mondays) Retreat, 7
(Mondays) Retreat, 4
(Mondays) Retreat, 5
(Mondays) Retreat, 3
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