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Gild Plate

Mixed Medium on Magazine Pages
Paper Size 26" H x 20" W
    In 2004 when I started the Cascade series I produced a single piece. By complete accident it resembled a muscular male torso. It was simply made, gold metal leaf on thin magazine pages, a strip of balsa wood across the top with a translucent overlay hanging from it. For as pleased as I was with it and the techniques I forbid myself from purposely producing Torsos.


    As much as I like the methodology I developed I wanted to move on, but couldn't. I thought if I permitted the torsos I might be free to grow. I will know soon.

Gild Plate, 3
Gild Plate, 2
Gild Plate, 6
Gild Plate, 1
Gild Plate, 4
Gild Plate, 5
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