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Northern Exposure


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My first impression approaching Reykjavik, was what seemed barren really possessed a depth. Under a misty sky, the lava fields were dusted in snow, displaying the full range of the grayscale. That night, under a cold sky curtains of lights danced over us. The majesty of wonder moved 50 strangers to tears. A few days later from the astonishing blue of the Solheimajokull Glacier, we looked into the mostly grey valley. Even before spring arrived a green tinge tinted it. Though only a suggestion, the tenacity was inspiring. But what I truly found an affinity for was the constantly changing weather. Near the coast, days weren’t defined by a constant presence, rather they flipped as quickly as my mood.

Flake | Mill.jpg
Scape 06
Shield Shift [Crash]
Scape 77
Darts (Skittle)
Skittle Shards 06
Skittle Shards |Beam
Scape 01
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