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Shimmer Plate

O'Conner Pool: 2008
Philadelphia, PA

Installation Proposal 



    This piece is to be shown during a winter month from outside the perimeter fence at a public swimming pool. The piece balances the invitation of a summer swim against the brutality of winter. Upon close inspection the viewer will realize that the surface is not fluid, but rather thousands of pieces of irridescent mesh.

    The mesh is hung from a grid of tightly strung wire.
The mesh will be able to move slightly in even the
smallest breeze creating a subtle kaleidoscope of
undulating light. At night the piece is lit from beneath.
A number of hidden supports will insure the surface
remains a flat plane. The supports are padded to avoid damaging the pool surface. The lights and electrical wires will be suspended above the water line on the supports. Strategic "trap doors" will allow for the removal of trash that may blow onto the piece. And finally the installation will allow for full drainage.

Shimmer Plate
Shimmer Plate
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