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Scatter Path



Size: as illustrated 14’ H x 90’ L x 36’ W



The site specific installation speaks of escapism. The scale denotes the fragility of desire, while the size praises the ambition of aspirations. Loosely based on an fictional character. Her daily flights of fancy take the same path out of the factory.


A narrow, miniature walkway ascends from the floor to ceiling where it vanishes to a point. The top is made of tiny planks of natural wood, the underside is finished with gold metal leaf. Simply a path, the walkway is without railings or features. It is suspended from the ceiling by black thread. Attached to existing fastening hardware, the threads support the walkway from a seemingly jumble of angles. The path of the walkway dissects a area of black rocks also suspended from the ceiling. The coal hovers just above the floor forming a region frozen in time. Sporadically placed, electric bulbs on the floor illuminate the walkway from beneath.

Scatter Path, Title Page
Scatter Path, Proposal Drawing
Scatter Path, Proposal Drawing
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