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Crown (Working Title)


Exhibition to be announced soon

Size: as illustrated 8’ H x 24’ L x 24’ W



Crown evokes my childhood spent building structures in the woods. Unlike the utilitarian forts and shelters I once constructed, the piece’s objective is to draw an amazingly flat plane in a perfect circle just out of reach.


Crown is a network of branches arranged in a 24’ circle. The piece hovers 11’ above the forrest floor. The surface facing the ground is flat and level. The structure above is loosely configured as a dome approximately 8’ at it’s highest point. Small to medium sized branches (2’ - 8’ in length, maximum diameter 1-1/2”) will be used. The wood is strapped together with black cable ties. The work will not be fastened to the trees that penetrate it. The pressure and rigidity of the structure will hold it wedged in place.

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