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GALA @ Vox Populi Philadelphia, PA

Elevator Shaft, Movie Lights & Mylar


This is a forbidden story,one drawn to pasteurize my soul. A path of uncrafted planks leading me into what should be shut down and held to count, bound 'till spittles dust and each painful breath is a silent rattle. In a short way I KNOW EVERYTHING, 'cept when my youth was a Jewel, unpriced, bangled and encrusted to skin I neck I laced. Shame's a shard regulating my heart. But what was couldn't be cause all's been retroed into NOTHING / COUNTS / NOW. To piss or something the camera giggled down an alley. The street lights cut and shut into strip points. Between two, in the shadow, by my foot a clump. Heavy breathed I dared remembrance to look. Last time I stumbled on a carcass it wasn't MY dog...some stranger left it in the woods to rot, left it in the woods for my run to find,for my sneaker to get caught in it's brittle ribs...I looked at the other boy pegged there to asphalt,pinched to position by binds meant to break. A gate slammed. A thousand doors locked our tongues inert. By a glimpse, bought a glance at something else and charged the palace, brick shoulder first. Rabbit-run-Null-We Cluster. In a steeled room we hid to test this/heal this. Stuttered yelps measured his first sleeps into no one. Phoenix shitting proclamations wrapped him to now..."...and they came long ago for something. I think I'm someone's son,a prince carrying something w/o knowledge or forth right willed. ..and I crawled through the double helix,cock ring,magic tricked the vortex...and I passed tales that bent this into non-time,no place to hold or seek...names. I pulled this through the cutters and lathes 'till I was done. I am done." Another vessel shattered into a garden,ankle deep glass bits and fine tuning stuff...and danced on certain planks...leading me to incline spark lust and love stuff. Clumps, sways and rivets. He stumbled on need,fell to me. Passion play. Lily locks thrashing. Chasing palmed dreams,Intoned.

From Rabbit-pit Diary


Robin Rice, “Architecturama”, Philadelphia City Paper, January 22, 1993


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