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Louie-See-All/Spiked Night

Beaux Arts Ball
Philadelphia, PA
28' W x 12' D x 16' H                     

A finalist in the annual Elf Atochem/Kynar 500 Design Competition the design acknowledges Magic's history as a stage craft.  The visual elements of Lou-See-All/Spiked Night are drawn from the mystical aspects of Magic: the multitude of eyes watch from the Nether World; the elevation of the “proscenium arch” speaks of illusion; the spikes reference a bed of nails. The two curtain shapes forming the proscenium are speaker cabinets. The repeating pattern is a silk- screen of a photographic collage by Emily Berger. The 126, 3 foot spikes are made of mylar rolled into a cones and attached to paper plates. A gutter runs below the spikes for effect lighting.     

Louie-See-All, Front
Louie-See-All, Side
Louie-See-All, Side
Louie-See-All, Model
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