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Punch Point n.


Artfront Partnership

1424 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA

7' W x 8' H x 4' D



Punch Point n. used the artifacts, colors and light of contemporary life, along with symbols of violence (bullet hole motif) to grab the viewers attention. The piece attempted to reward the curious with a unique and intimate experience. Punch Point n. was constructed in an empty store window. Crushed and bent aluminum tubing were glued to the interior of the glass. The surrounding glass was “frosted” with a foaming spray adhesive. Standard incandescent light were mounted to the back wall and projected through curtains of iridescent film that was kept in motion by osculating fans. The reflections were captured by the aluminum tubes and transformed into genital Kaleidoscopes.









Daniel Rubin, “An Artistic Notion...”, Philadelphia Inquirer, August 22, 1995

Punch Point n., Full
Punch Point n., Detail
Punch Point n., Design Drawing
Punch Point n., Design Drawing
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