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1999, Installation at Vox Populi
Philadelphia, PA

10' W x 14' D x 13' H



The dark blue screen is constructed with broken glass adhered to Plexi Glass and illuminated from behind by a B&W television tuned in to "scroll". The large, bright square is made of Ink Jet prints saturated with wax, pinned together and lit from behind.


The wooden ramp was cut from the final piece. On the floor (partially visible) is a square painted with iridescent pigment. This square is only visible when viewed from certain angles. I wanted to work with the illusive nature of suggestion. I hoped that once the viewer recognizes the square it becomes an constant in their interpretation of the composition.

Firewall, Front
Firewall, Detail
Firewall, Side
Firewall, Back
Firewall, Detail
Firewall, Design Drawing
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