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Radio Cradle

2000, Installation at Vox Populi
Philadelphia, PA

32' L x 20' W x 10' H



The work is a gallery sized construction made of corrugated cardboard, twine, wood, concrete and light. Roll Call consists of two curving surfaces suspended above the floor. A diminishing pathway between the structures allows viewers limited entrance. Thousands of thin cardboard strips laid on edge (exposing the flutes of the corrugation) form the sweeping planes. A jungle of twine suspends the shape from the ceiling while a sub grid provides rigidity. Lights mounted on the floor shine through the millions of holes. The piece is influenced by my fascination with scale models, repetition, light and respect of engineering solutions as an aesthetic.

Radio Cradle, Front
Radio Cradle, Rear
Radio Cradle, Detail
Radio Cradle, Detail
Radio Cradle, Detail
Radio Cradle, Design Drawing
Radio Cradle, Model
Radio Cradle, Video Still
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