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Rhoustabout's Hold


Installation at the Fleisher Art Memorial
Philadelphia, PA
11-3/4' H x 26' W x 25' D


Roustabout´s Hold was a large cloud anchored to the floor. The cloud, constructed of folded metal screening, burst through the suspended ceiling and spiraled downward. The structure was attached by lines of twine to anchor blocks made of corrugated cardboard. The piece was lit solely by a cluster of bare light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in the center of the cloud. The anchors outline a labyrinth that viewers were welcomed to follow as far as physically possible. The audience had to determine if they wished to navigate the space and if so, how should they proceed. With its panels removed, the framework of the suspended ceiling was visible. The net effect was a heightening of the ceiling while revealing the gallery´s structural identity and incorporating it into the work.


Particialy funded by a fellowship from the Independence Foundation.






Edward J. Sozanski, “The magic, not the meaning matters”, Philadelphia Inquirer, September 14, 2001

Rhoustabout's Hold, Full
Rhoustabout's Hold, Full
Rhoustabout's Hold, Detail
Rhoustabout's Hold, Model
Rhoustabout's Hold, Model
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