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(sunday's) Bridgehead

2002, Installation at Ashley Gallery
Philadelphia, PA
3' W x 13' D x 11' H



 This piece was a merger of my model construction and my installation work. Historically, I've made crude models to study space use, composition and concept. In the past two years, these crude models have evolved into precise scale models of the intended piece. Although the models were initially designed for pre- show publicity, I thoroughly enjoyed building them and am exploring their significance as works of art.

This particular model was more about the PROCESS of making work than about anything else. My intention was to create a large, room size model. I'm asked myself the following questions: Is the model a sculpture? Does the joy of making something justify its construction or must it have a predetermined meaning that I strive to convey? Can meaning be determined after the fact?








Lori Hill, “First Friday Focus”, Philadelphia City Paper, June 6, 2002

(sunday's) Bridgehead, Full
(sunday's) Bridgehead, Model
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