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Leaning Keep



Philadelphia Art Alliance
Philadelphia, PA
16' x 16' x 16"


When I began the piece it was important to me to use the space, not as a display place but as an element in the work. My initial reaction to the space was to oppose the vast amount of light streaming in through the window. The light was a force I felt challenged by. I disliked its overwhelming presence, its singularity of direction, its complete command of the space. As an example of human arrogance I choose to battle it. The work physically references a variety of sources: solar sails/reflectors, billboards and most predominantly the practice of boarding up windows to protect them from bomb blasts. The final reference allows me to illustrate the conflict between Liberty and Security. In doing so I found myself asking a lot of questions: Can the light of liberty shine at all if it is shrouded in security measures? Can we draw a line between personal freedoms and national security? And if so, can we do so without violating Liberty as an ideal? Also, in the context of current military actions, who is selling us what? and why? And lastly, what becomes of art when it is removed from the public even temporarily? Ironically, my installations are in themselves disposable.



Robert Fallon, “Local Muses”, Philadelphia Weekly, November 3, 2004
Libby Rosof, “Five at Art Alliance”, Artblog, October 12, 2004

Leaning Keep, Entrance View
Leaning Keep, 2nd Floor
Leaning Keep, Empty Site
Leaning Keep, Model
Leaning Keep, Model
Leaning Keep, Model
Leaning Keep, Model
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