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Gossamer Drape

Art in the Open, 2011
Philadelphia, PA
Birch Coffee Stirrers, Gold Metal Leaf, Black Glue and Twist Ties
Size Variable


Origional Proposal:

Through my passion for engineering, I have an affinity for the Waterworks. I want to develop an installation that pays homage to this inspiring history. Ideally, on the cliffs, I would build a miniature (1:16) network of catwalks, ladders and platforms. The size and complexity would grow as the event progressed. In the end the public will be invited to en mass safely destroy the piece.

“What the city builds beautifully it destroys ruthlessly” - 1920 observer on removal of the Arch & Standpipe.











Sally Friedman, “A river of talent”, Philadelphia Inquirer, June 10, 2011,

Gossamer Drape, Tower (Saturday)
Gossamer Drape, Friday
Gossamer Drape, Sunday
Gossamer Drape, Proposal Drawing
Gossamer Drape, Proposal Drawing
Gossamer Drape, Proposal Drawing
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