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Call It


Abington Arts Center

515 Meetinghouse Rd

Jenkintown, PA 19046

February 5 - March 29, 2016

Opening Reception: February 5, 2016, 6-8PM

Coffee Break: February 13, 10am


The gallery is occupied by a large curved wall, bulging into the space. The structure spans wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Built of hand cut cardboard, the surface recalls layers of sediment. Through the corrugation a dawn tinted light dapples the observer. Behind the wall, light glares through a barely distinguishable forest of vertical lines. Moving in front of the wall, your ability to focus on any one trunk is frustrated by the limited view.


The installation explores the persistent core of memory and the need to stabilize it. Call It attempts to assign a fixed point to an ever shifting, but recurring fragment. The work originated with running through the woods as a child.

Heavy breathed I dared remembrance to look. 

Last time I stumbled on a carcass it wasn't MY dog…

some stranger left it in the woods to rot, 

left it in the woods for my run to find,

for my sneaker to get caught in it's brittle ribs…


In a steeled room we hid to test this/heal this.


-excerpt Rabbit-Pit Diary

Brian David Dennis


A suite of 4 digital collages were produced in conjunction with the installation of the same title.

Interior by Sarah Bloom
Interior by Sarah Bloom
Interior by Sarah Bloom
Wall Light
Floor Plan
Call It, #1
Call It, #2
Call It, #3
Call It, #4
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