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and there it ran (ghost)

2021 Proposal Model/Illustration

Size Variable


The original proposed site contained remnants of elevator equipment on the ceiling

Suspended in the crook of the gallery is “and there it ran (ghost)". It is a large cube constructed of styrofoam packing forms. Attached to the ceiling a space surrounds it on the walls and floor. Concealed bright white light blasts it into a detailed silhouette. On the wall is a tiled photo collage. It’s an abstract deconstruction of machine parts bridging the existing equipment to the styrofoam element.

The machinery of the site inspired “and there it ran (ghost)”. I wondered what contrasts with the heavy, dark and functionality of the remnants? The question opened my imagination to a parallel world of white and light. Unlike the straightforward mechanism of the elevator, the purpose of the built elements are shrouded in mystery.

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