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Figurehead (and other talks)

Vox Populi: 1992
Philadelphia, PA




   Figure Head and Other Talk juxtaposes the mythical innocence of childhood against the vile knowledge of sex, violence and death. The four installations were intentionally dangerous. My use of broken glass, accessible electrical devices and combustible materials was an effort to force the viewer/reader to be acutely aware of their own physical presence.

















D!versions, Best Bet, Philadelphia Gay News, January 10, 1992 

My Boy, 5 W x 2 D x 7 feet H
My Boy (detail)
69 Wet Myths, 5 W x 4 D x 7 feet H
Under The Porch, 13 W x 6 D x 8 feet
Crack This House, 5 W x 4 D x 7 feet
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