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industries forgotten on a sunday


These prints are a selection of the colleges I posted to Instagram in 2018.


In the time between projects and duties, my phone has become my sketchbook. These collages were made with the a number of apps, PS Express and PhotoshopMix primarily. They are simple exercises to keep my eye thinking and my poetic heart open. My interest in photography is as a source for collages.


By themselves, my raw photographs lack technical prowess or even rudimentary qualities. But as a source for my collages these failings serve as quirky human marks. I latch on to them as starting point as progress outward.


I selected the metallic prints to retain some of the luminosity of the original media (backlight screen).


-Brian David Dennis

Cold Enchantments


From the moment we landed in Iceland I was struck by the snow cover.  The whiteness of the landscape. Upon close study I started seeing the subtle color variations in the frozen landscape.  Also the seeming hidden things inside the glaciers and under the snow. When we arrived home I felt a great need to document this in my work.


I begin each of my works with a bright, dynamic under-painting in acrylic. It can only be glimpsed or imagined through a soft veil of color in subtle gradations of shade and intensity. Together, these layers create a tightly interlocked and balanced composition, where punctuations of contrasting color pop in syncopated rhythm against a regularized grid of heavily applied oil paint. This impasto (thick brushwork) lends an emphatic dimensionality to my otherwise flat canvas. The result is a complex structure that intellectually explores texture, color, and contrast while invites an emotional responce.


-Keith R. Breitfeller

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