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a pendulum

a desire



a passage




This last year has been personally remarkable for me. I’ve come to better terms with my past and have found an acceptance of myself. In doing so, I have stepped out of fear into a calm. It’s not a place I’ve ever lived in or work from. I wanted to create in this peace.


I had planned a series of serene color field pieces. But in the quiet was my old rage, the anger around my history. I had forgotten I was once engulfed in it. I thought it was depleted. Deep inside of me it is an engine churning away, a gyroscope keeping me balanced, grounded. My plans were spontaneously dashed as that anger focused itself into piercing shards.


Vanish(ing) 01
Vanish(ing) 02
Vanish(ing) 03
Vanish(ing) 04
Vanish(ing) 05
Vanish(ing) 06
Vanish(ing) 07
Vanish(ing) 08
Vanish(ing) 09
Vanish(ing) 10
Vanish(ing) 11
Vanish(ing) 12
Vanish(ing) 13
Vanish(ing) 14
Vanish(ing) 15
Vanish(ing) 16
Vanish(ing) 17
Vanish(ing) 18
Vanish(ing) 19
Vanish(ing) 20
Vanish(ing) 21
Vanish(ing) 22
Vanish(ing) 23
Vanish(ing) 24
Vanish(ing) 25
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