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InLiquid @ Park Towne Place

2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA

January 13, 2020 – April 30, 2020

Sunday – Saturday, 10am–7pm

24" x 21" x 14" H

Bamboo Skewers, Acrylic, Wire & Hardware

A large spindly structure squats in the gallery. Elongated crystalline trestles have toppled into one another, forming a pyramid. ​Arc​ was inspired by visualizing darting electrons climbing to a central discharge. It is a chaotic dance, frozen in time caught on a still frame. The piece was conceived to teeter on the structurally improbable. Within its origin myth are vague references to alternative universes, a defiance of logic, a shift in time and a benevolent occupation.

The installation questions the boundaries between permanent and temporary, object and experience. Is one more valuable than the other, more noble, more worthy of all that was invested in its creation?

The work also continues my exploration of obsession and repetition. Production is a test of endurance and an engaging challenge. But it is also more. The demands contain a self fulfilling purposefulness.

Within the repetition is a solace akin to a meditation. I  responded to this state with journal notes in the form of photo collages.

arc square install
Hanna and Me
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