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Day Shade

Philadelphia International Airport

Terminal A West, ticketed passengers

December 14–July 9, 2019


22' 8" x 9' 9" x 8' 4" H

Glassine, Rag Board, Balsa Wood, Mylar, Fans

As an outsider, the woods were my childhood refuge. Barricaded deep in the forest, in the light of day, I was free. Few could approach without detection. With the snap of a twig, I knew I had to change my thoughts. In this open solitude my imagination soared, passionate dramas played out, entire civilizations were built and melted. I could even whisper my troubles out loud.

The piece is very much a cross section of my mind. Day Shade explores what was once impenetrable. Sliced out of time/space, it is another world collected, diced, a vapor captured. It stands as a moment pondered; a snippet of old and new, memories and ambitions, scripts and spontinatity, filaments dangle, stories hang in space, filmstrips are burned in statis. All this, once private is bravely splayed open, yet locked in a box.

Photograph courtesy of Philadelphia International Airport, by John Carlano

Day-Shade-Carlano-01 600.jpg
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