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Regard (discard)


Sizes Noted

Mixed Media

Working within a theme can be a catastrophe or a catalyst. In the case of REfUSE, we are working with omnipresent packing materials. At first, I was inclined to conceal, camouflage, or build illusions with it, but deception seemed disastrously dishonest.


I have long had an affinity for cardboard. As I worked, I honed in on the essence of my attraction. The inherent elegance and grace became my building blocks. It compelled me to find the strength to ward off complexity and pin the pieces on simplicity.

Regard (discard) 01
Regard (discard) 02
Regard (discard) 03
Regard (discard) 04
Regard (discard) 05
Regard (discard) 06
Regard (discard) 07
Regard (discard) 08
Regard (discard) 09
Regard (discard) 10
Regard (discard) 11
Regard (discard) 12
Regard (discard) 13
Regard (discard) 14
Regard (discard) 15
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