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1995, Installation at Vox Populi
Philadelphia, PA
13' W x 32' D x 9' H

Paper, Twine, Brads & Misc Electrical Hardware



The installation filled the street level gallery with the bottom of a vessel protruding through the ceiling and anchored to the floor by guide wires. The nature of he ship was purposely blurred between being a zeppelin hanging in the air and a boat cradled in it´s dock.


Skylock is an installment in the Rabbit-Pit-Diaries. It is an symbolic prayer. It exists as a secret weapon in the heart of one of the boys. Fearful that his troubled mate will move on when recovered he´s constructed this trap in his imagination.









Gerard Brown, “To Strike or Maneuver, Conceal or Reveal?”, Philadelphia Weekly, March 15, 1995

Skylock, Full View
Skylock, Side Detail
Skylock, Design Drawing
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