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" that lure you with their whispers of serenity."

-Adeaner, tacked


Keith and Brian have been active artists in Philadelphia and abroad for over 35 years. Studio-mates since 1982, we married in 2012 and our work has been enriched with each other’s encouragement, criticism, and support. Though our processes are very different, art-making has become a truly collaborative effort for us. Soliciting each other’s input in all stages of the process of creation has allowed us to deepen our artistic expression and connect with viewers in new and profound ways. 


We have exhibited widely in community, cooperative, and commercial galleries allowing us the freedom to hone our professional skills while continuing creative development and artistic virtuosity. Keith and Brian were founding members of GALA Visual Arts in Philadelphia where Keith served as director for 10 years. We have been members of Vox Populi Gallery and have had various gallery representations there. Our work has been exhibited in many other galleries in Philadelphia including Gross McCleaf Gallery, Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia Art Alliance, Fleisher Memorial among others. We’ve exhibited across the country as well as internationally and have been featured in galleries from Austria to Texas, and Nashville to Seattle. Our art hangs in homes and commercial spaces in Austria, England, Greece, Portugal, Dubai, Ireland, Ft. Lauderdale, Austin, Provincetown, and more. 

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